Sustainable Relationships

"The best things in life are plastic free" - Zero Waste Chef 

Sustainability is all about learning what relationship you need to work on, and gathering the courage to get started! In a sea of recommendations and swaps, anyone can feel lost. 

As students who have been on our own personal journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we've come to realize it's less about the number of eco swaps we have and more about changing our relationship with what we consume 🌿⁠

Sustainability is all about changing our relationship with consumption! Especially our relationship with: 

  • Single-use plastics & convenience 
  • Fast fashion & instant gratification 
  • Lifestyle at home (cooking, shower routine, cleaning) 
  • Food and diet 
  • Media and research 

Some change will come easier than others. We need everyone working on different relationships to make the world a better place. It might feel daunting to choose where to begin, but every effort counts! 

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